Church of St. Stanislav in Busk

Kirche des heiligen Stanislaw in Busk

Fachsicht(en): Kulturlandschaftspflege, Denkmalpflege, Architekturgeschichte
Koordinate WGS84 49° 58′ 3,94″ N: 24° 36′ 43,13″ O 49,96776°N: 24,61198°O
Koordinate UTM 35.328.751,79 m: 5.537.779,35 m
Koordinate Gauss/Krüger 8.544.135,61 m: 5.536.979,39 m
The Church of St. Stanislava, one of the city's dominant verticals, is located in the center, in an interesting neighborhood - next to the city police department and the prosecutor's office.

It is known that in the first half of the 15th century two Catholic churches were built in Busk: St. Stanislaus in the Old Town and the Virgin Mary in the New Town, respectively. In 1486 the last church regained the title of parish church. The temples were soon destroyed in Tatar raids.

In 1564 the Busk Catholic parish was rebuilt by Polish King Zygmunt August (1520-1572) and hence the Church of St. Stanislav was rebuilt anew - and in this form it lasted almost until the end of the 18th century. The Church of the Virgin Mary, the Dominican shrine and the Church of the Holy Spirit from the Middle City were destroyed in the middle of the 17th century. The ancestral chapel-tomb of Mieri-Badeni was later built on the site of the ruined Holy Spirit Church.

The Dominican monastery, built by Jerzy (Yuri) Vyshnevetsky in the early 17th century, was rebuilt, but when Galicia was ceded to Austria, in 1786 the monastery came under secularization. The church of the monastery was used for other purposes.

The new parish brick sanctuary was built from 1768 to 1779 (Sometimes there are indications that the author of the church was B. Meretin. In fact, a bit like his other projects, but still the seventh water on the kissel). In 1780 the church was consecrated. The church twice (1814 and 1849) suffered greatly from fires: before the rebuilding even had to move the Mass to the Greek Catholic Church. The temple was completely rebuilt only in 1856.

It is known that the church had five altars, mainly containing a sculptural group depicting the Trinity, and a „miraculous“ image of the Madonna, donated by Yuri Vyshnevetsky Dominican monastery in 1608.

In 1944-1946, many Busk Catholics, as well as local pastors, left for Poland, taking with them a lot of church property and a „miraculous“ image. A film library was placed in the closed temple.

The building was returned to the Catholics in 1990. In 1991 it was rededicated.

(Tetiana Zhovtanetska, Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2022)

Church of St. Stanislav in Busk

Straße / Hausnummer
Parkova Street
80501 Busk
Gesetzlich geschütztes Kulturdenkmal
Kulturlandschaftspflege, Denkmalpflege, Architekturgeschichte
i.d.R. 1:5.000 (größer als 1:20.000)
Literaturauswertung, Geländebegehung/-kartierung
Historischer Zeitraum
Beginn 1400 bis 1450

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