The Massacre of Osnyky

Das Massaker von Osnyky

Fachsicht(en): Kulturlandschaftspflege, Archäologie, Denkmalpflege, Landeskunde, Museen
Koordinate WGS84 49° 50′ 32,26″ N: 26° 10′ 48,28″ O 49,84229°N: 26,18008°O
Koordinate UTM 35.441.046,82 m: 5.521.418,83 m
Koordinate Gauss/Krüger 9.441.283,37 m: 5.523.158,27 m
On November 16, 1943, the Nazi-German forces invaded the village of Osnyky. And it repeated the fate of Molotkiv. 187 residents were killed, 118 houses were burned. The memories of witnesses of the massacre are documented and also placed in the museum Book Of Memory.
Anton Datsiuk testified the following: „The punishers surrounded the village. The men were taken to a ravine, lined up over a cliff, and shot by machine guns. Then they began to kill women and children. They drove them into the fire. They were killing them with machine guns and submachine guns. The blood flowed like a river, the screams, moans, and crying did not cease. However, the punishers did not spare anyone. Only some of them miraculously escaped. I still see that terrible picture. It is impossible to forget that”.
After some time, the invaders released a map of the surrounding area. There were no Molotkiv or Osnyky marked on it. The Nazis believed that these settlements vanished forever.

(Yulia Pogranychna, Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2022)

The Massacre of Osnyky

Straße / Hausnummer
Shkil'na Street
47451 Osnyky
Gesetzlich geschütztes Kulturdenkmal
Kulturlandschaftspflege, Archäologie, Denkmalpflege, Landeskunde, Museen
i.d.R. 1:5.000 (größer als 1:20.000)
Historischer Zeitraum
Beginn 1943

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