Baba Rod Mountain in Lviv

гора Баба Род у Львові, Baba-Rod-Berg in Lemberg

Fachsicht(en): Kulturlandschaftspflege, Landeskunde
Koordinate WGS84 49° 51′ 9,78″ N: 24° 03′ 40,81″ O 49,85272°N: 24,06134°O
Koordinate UTM 35.288.767,43 m: 5.526.397,72 m
Koordinate Gauss/Krüger 8.504.641,10 m: 5.524.005,45 m
Baba Rod Mountain is located between the present-day Staroznesenska, Polova and the railway. It housed an acient Slavic temple of the gods Rod and Rozhanitsa and an ancient settlement. In Christian times, the Church of the Ascension was built nearby - a Christian analogue of the cult of eternal life.
In the early 1980s, archaeologists conducted excavations on the mountain, near the Church of the Ascension. They found remains of fortifications of an ancient Rus settlement. They also excavated a settlement of the 13th-15th century at its foot on the western side and found a part of a semi-dugout dwelling and utensils from the middle to the second half of the 13th century.
Recently a memorial board and a state flag dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine was installed. There are festive ceremonies (religious, recreational etc.) at Baba Rod Mountain every Sunday.

(Yaryna Melianchuk, Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2021)

Baba Rod Mountain in Lviv

7900 Lviv
Gesetzlich geschütztes Kulturdenkmal
Kulturlandschaftspflege, Landeskunde
i.d.R. 1:5.000 (größer als 1:20.000)
Literaturauswertung, Fernerkundung

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